ICSM is a research group bringing collaboration between researchers at the Universities of Nottingham and Warwick, led by Professor Jonathan Hardman (Nottingham) and Professor Declan Bates (Warwick).

At ICSM, we design, develop and apply pathophysiological models of human organ systems, with the aim of addressing issues of impact in critical illness and medical crisis scenarios.

We are developing computer simulation models of intensive care patients receiving mechanical ventilation (MV). These models will be used to test different MV strategies in a disease specific manner. This approach will allow us to develop personalised treatment strategies for critically-ill patients.

PhD opportunities

A variety of PhD projects are offered, ranging in methodologies from clinical trials, modelling, benchtop simulations and systematic reviews.

Subject matter for PhD projects is tailored to the student and to the group’s current research interests. Please contact Professor Jon Hardman or Professor Declan Bates to discuss possibilities